It’s seven o’clock in the morning on June 27th. Tonight I’ll be flying to New Zealand with my collage as a member of International Paramadina Programme. I’ll going to live the house around two o’clock to avoid the traffic jam. My nephews are going to accompany me to the airport.

At two o’clock as it was planned, we are heading to the airport. As it guess, it heavy traffic jam!. I bit panic, then I looked up mu e-ticket and relief. It’s not 6.30 but it 8.30. So, I have plenty of time. At 4 o’clock, we arrived at Soekarno-Hatta internasional airport. Since we have a lot of time, we taking our time by looking around the airport after praying. Then I meet my friend there. There were Bu Ayu, Bu Gilang and her husband, Pak Agoes, and Mbak Sari.

ImageA Heavy Traffic to The Airport

At 5 o’clock, we decided to check-in, so we can more relaxed. The women at the counter told us that the plane will be delayed for 50 minutes. It’s mean, we are going to take up at 9.20. So, we have much time to do.

Then, at 8.15, we are heading to the waiting room and after waiting for a while, finally we heard the annoucement to get ready to go the plane. Everybody stand up and take a queing, but nobody moves. After 10 minutes, there was another annoucement that said they are having technicall problem and waiting for signal from Sydney. Finally, around 10.30 (I’m not really sure about the time, because I left my watch at home), we take off to Sydney by Qantas.

Around 10 hours flying, we landed at Sydney for transit. All of us are in the rush, because we thought since our plane from Jakarta has been delayed, it would effect to the next flight. Thank God, the plane to Wellington was also delayed for 10 minutes.

ImageTransit at Sydney Airport with Aida and Elly

ImageAt The Sidney Airport, Waiting to Transit to The Wellington with JetStar Airline

The crew at the transit plane were very different. At the first flight, all of the air crew look old and the woman doesn’t even bother to put some make up on their face. But on the transit plane (it’s also Qantas, but the small plane), the crew are younger and they are so tidy and friendly. It took us around 5 hours, then finally around 3 pm, we were arrived at Wellington.

ImageYeay!!!! Alhamdulillah… I’m at Wellington!

The weather is very cold and windy. The Victoria staff – Parichat and Frankly are already waiting for us. From the airport they take us straight to the Victoria University at Kelburn. The view along the way to go there are very amazing! The houses on the hills looks very small, yet unique. The city is hilly and quite. I still couldn’t believe that finally I’m at Wellington, NZ!

They put us at Maclaurin room. They prepare some hot instant soup, tea, coffee, and hot water! Parichat realize that we must be very hungry, so later they gave us the fish and chip! They gave us our welcoming kit that contain, snapper, maps of Wellington, map of VUW campuses, and the time table for bus. It’s very useful for us later. We also meet our English teacher, Heather. They are all very nice and helpful.

ImageAt Victoria University Wellington


It’s so cold and windy!

At 6, Franky took us to Pipitea campus where we are going to pick up by our house parent. It already dark and of course, very cold and windy. Then, Barbara, one of the internasional staff are accompany us to meet our house parent. After waiting for a couple of minutes, finally my house parent come. Chris Davies came with one of the twins, Nisha.

The house is in the urban actually, but because Wellington is a small city, it doesn’t feel it so far away from the downtown. Chris told me how I could get to the campus. He also shown me the supermarket, the railway station on the way to the house. Around 8, we were arrived. My mom house parent greet me with the other twin, Isaac. They show me my room and some rules and then they leave me on my own. They can see how tired I am. After i unpacked my lugage, I took shower. Later, I found out that was not a good idea. It’s very very cold! Although I take a bath with hot water, but the after effect were unbearable. I was quickly go to the bed and tried to have a good sleep.

It’s so amazing that finally I am in Wellington, New Zealand. I hope, I can learn a alot and my house parent would not regret having me as their home stay student.

Last year, I was so lucky. I got an opportunity to join the IPAD-2 program. This is a special program for Paramadina lecturers and staffs to learn writing English and multicultural in a month at Wellington, new Zealand. I’ve had experiences  a lot new things, the good and also the bad ones. It’s enriched my life. I’m very grateful that I was be able to be a part of the program. It was one of my best time ever.

Image                                                                The e-Ticket

Lately, I have problem dealing with the situation. Mostly because it doesn’t happen as I want to be. Then, when it doesn’t turn as I want it, I have to adjust my time, my plan, and my brains to the new situations.


Last night I found my old book. I was so happy because I found my favorite poets that I collected since I was in collage. I want to share one of them. I didn’t know who is the author, but I found it from Dunkin Donuts’ calender 0f 199….



To be young again-

Back when everything was new,

When anything was possible,

When it was more important to learn than to know,

When each day brought it with it the thrill of a new accomplishment

Nothing can take the place of the feeling I felt when I was young

A cold snowman will never fell so warm as it did back then.


A summer baseball game will never so much

And while I know I’ll never quite regain those feelings of my youth,

I know I’ll never quite lose them either

I guess that’s what it means to grow up.


It’s nice to be independent and wise,

But ah…

To be young again…

New year always give a new spirit, to make a better things in the next coming year. Although  I don’t buy those things, but today I push myself to back into my old “Me” again. It’s mean, trying to write as many as I can. So, I registered to open a new blog. Why I called it a new blog? I already have one, but because I didn’t activated it for so long, once I log in, I can’t post or edit it again. I think they frozen it. Then, as my friend recommendation, I registered to this web. Hopefully, I would be active forever.

Let’s greet a second month of 2012 with more optimism and happiness.